Psst! …you don’t have to become an über geek to do this.
“Mexican Guitar Player Reveals How He Made Over $36,842.10 With Just One Website And How YOU Can Make Even More Money Than Him!”

Authority Blog Profits

Sergio Felix

From: Sergio Felix
RE: How To Create Your Money Making Website From Scratch



Dear Time-Pressed and Struggling-to-Make-Some-Extra-Money Reader,

I know you. Because I’ve been you.

You are stuck all day in cubicle hell or rotting away in some dull job you hate.

Sure, you’re looking to make some extra coin. But really, you’re looking for much more than that.

At one time in my life I was a pro rock guitarist, rocking the whammy bar, tapping strings and working the wah pedal with wild abandon. I planned to tour and live the rock star life.

Authority Blog Profits Rockstar

But, like many others, somewhere along the line, I gave up on that dream.

I decided that I needed a little more security. I studied and became an IT pro instead.

Authority Blog Profits Professional

I learned all kinds of weird programming languages and became a database, server and operating systems ninja.

While it was a world away from being a professional rock guitarist, I still LOVED IT.

Except for that darn cubicle I ended up working at.

Authority Blog Profits Corporate

Despite the smile on my face I was miserable at that JOB.

I’ve always LOVED all the computing work I’ve done in the past but that corporate ladder thing…

Man, that was sucking the life out of me so I had to do SOMETHING!

How My Rebellion Sets the
Stage for YOUR Success.

I had got to a point where I couldn’t take any more of the cubicle life and set out to build my first serious website using all of the incredible skills I had picked up as an IT pro.

Authority Blog Profits - Case Study 01

I hand coded and developed my first serious website and made over…

$36,000 USD.

But guess what? I already had 20+ years in computing experience before I ever tried to tackle this.

Still, it took me a time frame of 18 months to get the site just the way I wanted it.

Can you imagine creating this without ANY EXPERIENCE at all?

This project kickstarted my brain into doing more online projects of this kind so I went on my merry way to get clients of my own.

Don’t Let THIS Happen To YOU
Why My First Client Was
Driving Me Insane!

I had put off learning WordPress for far too long. I was happy to mess around for hours hand-building sites that, well, just couldn’t compare to how good a well-designed WordPress site looked despite my technical skills.

Make no mistake, people do judge you on the appearance of your website. If it’s ugly, they are not going to stick around for long.

After my first big hit I quickly started programming my first client’s website and found out it was really difficult to juggle between code and STILL meet all my client’s demands at the same time.

Authority Blog Profits - Case Study 02

In the end, I only made $700 with this site and it took me almost 7 months to complete it because my client kept changing his mind and that meant writing even more code non-stop.

I spent most of my time with my nose buried in coding and development books just to be able to deliver this one on time.

What I envisioned as a sure way to “escape the cubicle” turned out to be a complete nightmare and the worst part is that I didn’t even know how to get out of it!

I knew deep inside there HAD to be a much better, faster and easier way of building websites.

I Used To Bank $36,842.10 Per Project As
A Consultant But Now I Build WordPress
Websites Instead, Here’s WHY:

I looked for a solution that allowed me to stop doing all of the tedious manual coding for building websites that took forever to complete.


Welcome to…

Wordpress Logo


WordPress is a platform that lets anyone quickly and easily build websites, even if you have no prior coding experience.

This was EXACTLY what I had been looking for!

I decided to stop coding websites from scratch and started using WordPress instead to create websites I could put up rapidly and start making money with much, much sooner!

WordPress used the same technology I was already familiar with but it was more robust than my own sites, it was also faster and had literally thousands of plugins and themes that extended its functionality.

Get this… The search engines also happen to LOVE WordPress websites!

Going From 7 Months of Hand-Coding to Building
a Site in JUST 3 HOURS with WordPress.

Building sites the way I started using PHP & MySQL took forever!

In fact, it was so time-consuming that it took me seven months to complete my first website with these technologies and the payout for all the work I did? A measly $700 USD!

Not to mention that, it was seven months worth of my time that I’ll never see again but I finally wised up, I already knew that WordPress could be a better solution than building sites this back-breaking way!

So after the infamous $700 website experience I had, I decided to give website building another shot…

Only this time I was going to use my “secret” new found weapon…

Authority Blog Profits - Case Study 03

The light bulb finally went off and needless to say… BANG!

I landed my first $1500 USD client and I had already decided I was going to use WordPress for the job. I kind of hate this expression but this turned out to be literally a no brainer for me!

The whole site took me just a few hours to complete and it would have been done a lot quicker had the client not kept changing his mind and coming up with last minute additional instructions.

But I still managed to complete this site in record time!

These are the kind of results I got used to receiving and they are the kind of results YOU can get too with my no-holds barred training.

Hmmm… so let’s look at this again from both sides now, shall we?

Let’s Go A Bit Deeper Into

Case Study #1

Authority Blog Profits - Case Study 01

This was the first project that made me look at website developing as a reasonable way of making a living.

  • Total made: $36,842.10 USD
  • Time lapse: 18 months
  • Daily revenue: $68 USD
  • Knowledge required: Microsoft Certified Professional & Technology Specialist, extensive use of Apache, Red Hat Linux, PHP & ColdFusion scripting, SQL Server, 20+ years of computing experience plus much more!

This business model was still flawed though since the daily revenue was very low vs. the huge amounts of new knowledge I had to be constantly digesting… NEXT!

Case Study #2

Authority Blog Profits - Case Study 02

This project was my first 100% solo project. I did it on my own terms and wanted to do EXACTLY what my client wanted since I wanted to WOW my clients.

  • Total made: $700 USD
  • Time lapse: 7 months
  • Daily revenue: $3.33 USD
  • Knowledge required: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, etc.

In the long run this website backfired badly since I ended up coding a TON for free and even though I didn’t have a freelancing gig anymore, I was still trading MY TIME for money… (but at only $3.33 a day it wasn’t exactly money, I think it was more like peanuts grrr… NEXT!)

Case Study #3

Authority Blog Profits - Case Study 03

This was the site that made me open my eyes for the first time to the possibilities… I wasn’t looking exactly for programming frameworks or content management systems (CMS) but I’m glad I took a serious chance with WordPress.

  • Total made: $1,500 USD
  • Time lapse: 1 day (3 hours)
  • Daily revenue: $1,500 USD
  • Knowledge required: WordPress

I taught WordPress to a friend of mine just to see if he was capable of doing this, he did almost the entire website and it was a pretty solid job! Then the client requested some huge changes so I took the wheel and built the whole thing from scratch in ONE DAY. This meant $1,500 USD right in my bank account for a total of 3 hours of work.

From the above Case Studies which one would YOU pick?
I know what *I* would pick…
Case Study #3: WordPress of course!
I Could Kick Myself NOW!

Although I had plenty of IT experience, I kept putting off learning WordPress. I thought blogging was a waste of time and quite honestly I was shooting myself in the foot but the problem is, nobody told me I was wasting precious time!

Sounds familiar?

As soon as I entered the blogosphere and started writing on my own blog I saw how much I had been missing by refusing to start my own website.

If I would have got started much sooner, I would have developed my web presence and authority so much faster and I could have got a lot more traffic from other respected bloggers in my niche.

I would have drove more sales and won over loyal fans. Loyal fans that would have became repeat customers… But no, I didn’t want to listen!

“You need to create a website in order to succeed online!”

That’s what I heard the entire time when I was getting started with Internet Marketing.

Despite all the good advice you still decide you are going to wait until you know “enough” to put your website up. Instead you wait and wait, never bothering to actually do anything about it and the result?

You end up having no website (still!) and wonder what would have happened if you actually took action? Would you have already been generating sales and building an authority site in your niche?

It’s likely, but you’ll never know as you are happy to hang around on the sidelines.

Waiting, wondering, wishing for results, but never taking any action to get your website up to show off to the world.

It happened to ME after all!

Some Unfortunate Scenarios That Could
Happen to YOU if You Don’t Receive
the Right Training.

Nowadays practically anyone can put up a WordPress website on their own if they do proper research.

Just have in mind that there are a LOT of people out there that are NOT qualified for this.

Here are some of the things you might run into if you decide to take this lightly:

  • Spend several hours begging for answers on forums to fix something you just broke because of your inexperience (…not again!) And if you’re lucky, you might get a lacklustre reply two days later. When you finally apply the recommended “fix” you find out your problem actually got worse than before?
  • Cringe every single time you hear about permalink structures, database queries, using the code editor, dealing with backups, bad plugins, faulty widgets, theme updates, frameworks and security breaches?
  • There are even more serious problems like losing a post after countless hours of editing and perfecting an article.
  • What about the disaster of getting a corrupted database you need to fix ASAP and of course you have forgotten to create a backup to restore from, thank you Murphy’s Law!
  • Did you know that you can also get locked out of your own admin dashboard? If you did, would you know what to do?
  • If a hacker gains admin access to your site and deletes everything there, would YOU know what to do?
Don’t Say Sayonara
To Your Website!

Losing your blog particularly when you have put a lot of work, time and effort into it sucks big time! This can happen to you at any time if you don’t have a robust installation with a proper security layer in place that is hacker-proof!

After all, having to spend a ton of time trying to fix technical problems on your own is certainly not going to help you make any money you know?

I could go on and on about all the problems that you are going to face sooner or later if you decide to figure out WordPress all by yourself but I think I have proved my point by now, you know how painful this can be.

You Don’t Want To Be Just “Using” WordPress
You NEED The Right WordPress ADVICE
To Succeed!

If you are the adventurous kind of marketer that tries to learn how to do everything by yourself without any type of assistance or plan you may be in jeopardy as well.

You start dabbling with your new website, when suddenly you realize your installation is so flawed that you now have to pay someone else to fix all the mess you created in the first place?

You may feel like pulling your hair out every single time you find a new problem that needs your full attention to get fixed and of course, you’ll have to re-schedule all your activities for another day?

Time is money… or so they say!

Do you really have that much money to burn trying to do it all on your own?

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel!

Introducing My Newest Training…
Authority Blog Profits.

Authority Blog Profits Bundle Course

Creating Sites Like A Professional
Has Never Been This EASY.

If you want to learn how to avoid all of these issues and do things right from the start then you’re in the right place. I’ll personally guide you through your entire learning journey and I won’t leave any stones unturned in this training.

Here’s a mere glimpse of what will be covered in Authority Blog Profits:

  • If you are a newbie, I will cover everything from registering your first domain name to getting your first sale.
  • I’ll give you branding tips for domain registration and teach you the best place to buy and register your domain.
  • I’ll show you how to secure your website and how to recover your blog (in case you mess something up).
  • Even if you are planning to outsource WordPress tasks at a later time, you need to know how to do these things yourself to avoid being overcharged and taken advantage of.
  • You’ll learn how to make changes to the appearance and functions of your blog to save you thousands having to hire out customizations that you can’t figure out on your own. You won’t have to wait around for an outsourcer to finish your task!
This Is Just A PREVIEW Of What You’ll Get
Inside Authority Blog Profits.
There are a total of 17 modules (and still growing!) but I’ll just touch the tip of the iceberg here in a FEW modules.

Module 1: Get Your Feet Wet

  • What WordPress is all about and all the different things you can do with it
  • Why you should be using WordPress right from the start
  • Becoming an authority in your niche with authority blogging

Module 2: Establish Rock-Solid Foundations

  • All you will ever need to know about domain names
  • How to choose the best hosting plan for your specific needs
  • How to link your domain name to your hosting account
  • How to use multiple domain names under one single shared hosting account

Module 6: Customizing And Extending Your Site’s Functionality

  • How to create a unique looking website that stands out from the rest
  • Implementing custom headers, custom backgrounds and customize everything you need
  • How to embed your own audio files for your interviews & podcasts
  • Learn how to use custom controls for including videos directly on your website

Module 7: Using Social Media To Your Advantage

  • Twitter etiquette and proper usage to avoid getting banned
  • YouTube account branding and channel tips
  • How to create and embed your Facebook fan page on your site
  • How and where to include social media icons

Module 8: Everything You Need To Know About Plugins

  • Learn how to keep your site spam-free from spambots
  • Allow your visitors to share your content with just one mouse click
  • How to make your site mobile friendly
  • How to create professional looking contact web forms

Module 11: Driving Targeted Traffic

  • How to take advantage of your competitor’s lack of confidence
  • Social media etiquette and engaging strategies that convert
  • Forums & online communities
  • Guest posting & authority blogging

Module 13: Blog Monetization

  • Beginner and advanced blog monetization strategies
  • How to protect your commissions from being stolen
  • Best marketplaces to get you started
  • How and where to sell your own products online

Module 15: Squeeze Pages, List Building & More!

  • Using free reports to capture leads
  • How to implement split-testing campaigns
  • Creating your own custom sales pages
Authority Blog Profits DVDAuthority Blog Profits Fast Track GuideAuthority Blog Profits Report
Start Learning WordPress

Quick reality-check: You can learn how to use WordPress easy-as-pie with my handholding training.

I don’t want you to make the mistakes I did, and take even half as long as I did to learn how to put up a website. I made all the mistakes already so you don’t have to!

Also, I’m not like those marketing gurus that will tell you: “You have to invest a ton of cash or you won’t get any results.”

You do need to invest in some must-have tools & services but I’ll teach you how to avoid all the thousands of dollars I spent and wasted during my learning process over the past three years so you don’t have to go through the same I did!

Do you know what I think about people that claim you can make money on “complete autopilot”?

I think they’re full of crap!

Even Wikipedia defines Passive Income as:

“Income received on a regular basis with little effort required to maintain it”.

“Little effort” in the typical guru way can actually mean HUGE efforts plus NO money at all.

And you know what? I would literally hate to know that’s your current situation right now.

Maybe you’re saying you don’t have enough time to learn this stuff.

Ok, listen up, I get it. You may have a job to work at every day. And you want to spend time with your family right? (So do I!)

But if you can manage to cram at least 60 minutes of your time on my training you can absolutely do this!

There are NO recurring fees on my training (at least not yet!) so you can pace yourself at whatever speed feels more comfortable and you surely don’t have to do it all in one day either.

What if you still haven’t made that first sale yet? That’s great, because I’d love to change people’s lives and I know how gratifying it feels to make that first sale and see your efforts finally bringing in results.

Want To Learn Something Today?
Check Out A Sample Video.

On this video I show you how to quickly update your permalinks structure for better search engine optimization (SEO).


Do you know I have more than 120+ videos just like this one inside the Authority Blog Profits training?

Let’s Recap Everything You
Are Getting Right Away.

You’ll get instant access to:

  • 17 actionable video modules to take you from WordPress rookie to experienced PRO
  • I’ll teach you everything from the basics to the advanced skills that would take you years to learn on your own
  • Learn how to train outsourcers to handle WordPress tasks without being taken to the cleaners
  • Customizations to make your site look and feel exactly how you want it to without having to pay out thousands to get it done.
  • How to brand and position yourself as an authority in your niche
  • How to properly monetize your blog and finally start making money from it
  • Security training that let’s you laugh at hackers
  • How to create your own squeeze pages and list building machines
  • All future Authority Blog Profit updates free for life
This is WHY You Want
To Get In NOW.

When I get enough testimonials, I’m taking this product off the market. I will re-launch it to the general public at a minimum price of $97 (that’s still a super deal).

But in order to get in at a later date you will also have to sign up for my paid continuity program (recurring fees).

You also won’t get access to the entire training all at once because the content will be drip fed with the idea of preventing overwhelm in students.

However if you act TODAY… not only will you get it at the lowest price, you’ll also get ALL future updates for free!

Check out these Testimonials.
Marc Milburn –


“Thanks to Sergio my blog allowed me to quit my job within 7 months.”

Jan KochI love that Sergio finally put all his knowledge together into a comprehensive training!

When I was starting to build my first blog, was one of my favorite resources on growing and monetizing my blog.

Thanks to Sergio my blog allowed me to quit my job within 7 months and I still ask him for advice every now and then – I’m proud to call an expert like Sergio a friend of mine!

Jan Koch


“Authority Blog Profits is one of those products which have a wealth of knowledge injected into it, like a great book you just can’t put down from start to finish!”

Dan SumnerSergio is a blogger and online marketer who I have had the pleasure to know for quite some time now.

Even though I have never met him in person, we have become good friends online because we have a lot in common, namely blogging in the online money making niche. We often talk online and share tips and strategies for better business and that is where Sergio excels!

Sergio’s Authority Blog Profits is one of those products which have a wealth of knowledge injected into it.

It’s like a great book you just can’t put down from start to finish, Sergio takes you through every step of WordPress mastery.

I know how much time and effort Sergio has put into this product. It’s a no fluff comprehensive guide to kill it every time!

You have saved a lot of people a lot of time Sergio. Well done!

Dan Sumner


“This is the most logically laid out, comprehensive and easy-to-understand WordPress training I have ever seen.”

Patrick GriffinAuthority Blog Profits is the WordPress training I wish had been around when I started blogging.

It does not assume any prior knowledge about using WordPress and even walks you through the whole process of registering your first web site and getting it hosted online.

Sergio lets you watch over his shoulder as he explains how to get your WordPress blog up and running and shows you on video exactly what he is doing. Just follow each step exactly as he shows and you will have your first WordPress blog up and running in no time.

I have been using WordPress for many years now and I have even tweaked my blog based on some of Sergio’s recommendations in Authority Blog Profits. This is the most logically laid out, comprehensive and easy-to-understand WordPress training I have ever seen.

If you are new to blogging then this is “must have” training and if you are already familiar with WordPress then Authority Blog Profits will help you make your site even better than it is now.

Patrick Griffin


“The scope of the training is ambitious, such that even I have learnt a lot from going through the videos!”

Mark SalmonI have been using WordPress full-time for more than 4 years and bought many WordPress training products myself.

I really wish that I had had access to Authority Blog Profits when I started. It has been put together meticulously and the scope of the training is ambitious, such that even I have learnt a lot from going through the videos!

As an expert, it is sometimes difficult to communicate clearly at the level of a novice. Sergio manages to do this excellently, covering all the ins and outs of WordPress in detail.

You really couldn’t get a better training in WordPress for many times the price he is asking.

Mark Salmon


“Sergio’s course gives a thorough and step-by-step account of how to set up WordPress the right way and start blogging.”

Rob CubbonIt is essential for almost everyone in today’s economy to prove their authority by consistently providing value through a blog.

Sergio’s course gives a thorough and step-by-step account of how to do just that – how to set up WordPress the right way and start blogging.

Rob Cubbon


“This course is going to fast track you to becoming a whiz at WordPress within a few short days or weeks.”

Chris Cole

I have learned a few tricks myself from watching these videos and I have been working with WordPress for 5 years. So this course is going to fast track you to becoming a whiz at WordPress within a few short days or weeks.

Sergio has laid out the course in a very logical order and as he has so many videos covering every topic you simple need to navigate to the video tutorial you need and you will have your answer within a few short minutes.

By going through this training course you are going to save yourself months – if not years – of learning and what’s even better is Sergio has also included other resources to help you along.

Don’t forget about the VIP Facebook group and the insane offer from Sergio to give you his personal help.

I would like to say that If you are new to blogging then this training from Sergio is a “must have” training course and additionally if you are already accustomed to WordPress then you will also find Authority Blog Profits will help you to enhance your knowledge and allow you to tweak your site to make it even better than you thought possible.

So if you are considering buying this course then you can rest assured this is truly worth the investment for your long term business success.

Chris Cole


“Authority Blog Profits is for anyone that wants to create a serious, lasting and successful internet business.”

Theodore NwangeneSergio has really done a very excellent job here and, going for this course is the best investment I’ve made so far.

My only regret is that it didn’t come up early enough. For two years, I’ve been looking for ways to make money from the internet which has resulted to my wasting lots of money on some of the scams and get rich quick programs out there that never gave me any reasonable results.

Initially, I thought I knew it all until I discovered this course then, I realized where I’ve been making mistakes and since then, everything has changed for me tremendously.

I highly recommend Authority Blog Profits for anyone that wants to create a serious, lasting and successful internet business.

It’s just like sitting beside Sergio as he shows you how to do each step. So, if you get a chance at all to work with Sergio, go for it because, it will be worthwhile. Sergio is the real deal.

Theodore Nwangene


“It teaches you step by step, everything you need to know to become proficient with WordPress.”

George NievesI am privileged to be able to regard Sergio Felix as one of my online friends.

Authority Blog Profits is so well laid out, comprised of a series of bite-sized videos that make it super easy to learn this somewhat, complex subject.

It teaches you, step by step, everything you need to know to become proficient with WordPress. This training is suitable for the beginner and touches on the advanced as well.

Bravo, Sergio… keep em coming!

George Nieves


“Anyone needing to get off the ground or expand their knowledge of WordPress is going to get bucket loads of useful information from this product.”

Paul HendersonWhen Sergio asked me to review his “Authority Blog Profits”, I have to say I was pretty excited because I know he’s an acknowledged expert with anything WordPress.

Authority Blog Profits is aimed at those wanting to learn anything and everything about the WordPress CMS. It’s suitable for absolute beginners as well as anyone simply wanting to increase their knowledge of WordPress – or even people just needing to find answers to specific questions they may have.

I like the logical way the content is presented. It’s laid out in an extremely simple way with over a dozen separate modules, or groups, listed down the left side. Each group contains around a dozen or more individual videos and each video deals concisely with one particular feature of that group topic.

Sergio presents his videos in a totally knowledgeable way and his style is relaxed and enthusiastic which means you’ll be happy to keep listening as long as you want to. I also like the way he
simplifies things, so everything he says is easy to follow.

And the information included in this product is complete in every way, so that by the end, you’ll be a WordPress expert too.

That’s all I need to say. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Anyone needing to get off the ground or expand their knowledge of WordPress is going to get bucket loads of useful information from this product. Anything you’ll ever need to know about WordPress is right here.

Paul Henderson


“You get to know and admire a guy with a huge commitment to honesty and integrity when it comes to using the internet to create a way to earn an income online.”

Artagene SkipperVery interested and responsive course creator. He even created a video for me explaining all about how reseller hosting works.

I picked up some great little tips on doing everyday tasks. Even if you have been using WordPress for a while, there is always a different way to do the same thing and Sergio shares his neat short cuts and do-its!

In a nutshell the whole course isn’t “Do This” but “This is How I Do This” then lets you decide which way is easier for you to use in doing a particular task.

Plus a huge benefit: You get to know and admire a guy with a huge commitment to honesty and integrity when it comes to using the internet to create a way to earn an income online.

Artagene Skipper


“By completing this training you will be able to create your own authority blogs and also become an expert in creating blogs through WordPress.”

Muhammad YousafAre you thinking on starting your online journey and don’t know from where to start? Then Authority Blog Profits is for you.

Authority Blog Profits is a complete training on how to start your own authority blog and takes you by the hand from basic to advanced level.

The training is presented in a proper and effective way that makes it easy to understand and implement it.

By completing this training you will be able to create your own authority blogs and also become an expert in creating blogs through WordPress.

Sergio covers all the steps, tools, and resources necessary for any successful Internet Marketer.

I wish Sergio did this training 3-4 years back when I start Internet Marketing.

Believe me this training has it all which took me more than a year to understand and learn.

You are lucky to have this training available to you at the start of your successful online journey. If you are a newbie and struggling to get started, Authority Blog Profits is for you.

Muhammad Yousaf


“Sergio takes you through every aspect of blog creation you will ever need to know.”

Matthew HoughtonAuthority Blog Profits is incredible with no stones left unturned, Sergio takes you through every aspect of blog creation you will ever need to know.

This is unprecedented over delivery of value in every way: well structured, well thought out and easy to follow modules.

Not just how to set up WordPress but really how to utilize it, monetize it and integrate it with other platforms too.

Highly recommend for anyone in the Internet Marketing arena that wants to learn how to create a professional, monetized, central hub blogging platform!

Matthew Houghton


“I have never seen such a thorough WordPress course and I bought a few.”

Ian WicksSimply outstanding value packed training Sergio!

This is jam packed with everything you need to know about WordPress, I have never seen such a thorough course and I bought a few.

Excellent product 100% thumbs up from me, you will not go wrong here.

Ian Wicks


“I just had to have any training from Sergio that could teach me how to craft my own online Authority.”

Helio LagunaWhen I saw Sergio Felix for the first time I thought he was just another crazy guy online but that couldn’t be any more far away from reality…

He’s a true authority on everything he does: call it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress and he’s done it all in his second language!

That’s exactly when I knew I just had to have any training from Sergio that could teach me how to craft my own online Authority.

As soon as I found out he was releasing a step by step training that taught exactly that, I didn’t even read the sales page I just went straight for the buy button.

Every other WordPress training teaches you how to publish an article or how to upload an image to your blog; Sergio Felix teaches you how to create an Authority Blog and dominate your marketplace.

Helio Laguna


“He’s really gone out of his way to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to build a real sustainable online business!”

Rin OtoriWow! I’m still in shock at how much information Sergio Felix has packed into this course.

He’s really gone out of his way to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to build a real sustainable online business!

Want to learn how money is REALLY being made online? Grab this course and dive in immediately. I promise you won’t regret it.

Rin Otori


“Considering all the problems I had building my blog, there’s some great information here I could have used then. Throw in all the extra bonuses and it’s a no brainer.”

Mark SteerSpot on training for anyone who wants to build their online business using the ubiquitous WordPress platform – Sergio has provided no less than 17 modules on the topic.

This is just what I needed when I was building my blog and I shall be following some of this myself.

As you are probably aware, WordPress is the de facto platform for building websites in Internet Marketing and other niches. Authority Blog Profits is a well laid out, comprehensive training program on blogging and using WordPress.

Considering all the problems I had building my blog, there’s some great information here I could have used then. As always, the objective is to build a long term, sustainable business and this will definitely help towards that goal.

You just need to follow the instructions in the different modules in a step by step manner and implement accordingly by starting small and building up from there. Throw in all the extra bonuses and it’s a no brainer.

Highly recommended!

Mark Steer


“If you’re looking to create a blog or improve your current one, then Sergio’s Authority Blog Profits is for you.”

Matthew CrumpMan is it getting hot in here? You bet ya bottom dollar it is!

That’s because Sergio Felix and Authority Blog Profits is in the house.

All I gonna say is WOW. Sergio has put together a brilliant step-by-step course on how you can create your very own blog with Authority while using the ever popular WordPress Platform.

Sergio’s course is so easy to follow than a complete newbie can follow it as he takes you by the hand and walks you through step by step on how to set up WordPress the correct way the first time.

If you’re looking to create a blog or improve your current one, then Sergio’s Authority Blog Profits is for you.

Matthew Crump


“I went though the course and there are lots of things in there that have helped me!”

Ian HornerIf you want to know all the steps from the ground up about WordPress then Sergio Felix is your man.

I went though the course and there are lots of things in there that have helped me!

It’s not just a course, it’s a complete authority blog training in a simple to understand lay out.

All I can say is you will be more than happy and it will be a future resource for you.

Ian Horner


“I’m in the process of creating a new website and your guide will be more than great help to help me set it up.”

Jesse MunguiaI just finished going through the training and I gotta say AWESOME job man!

I’m really excited, it’s great to FINALLY have a clear understanding on how to create and monetize my blog from A to Z.

Where this helps me the most is how I can see and follow up with all the videos you have laid out for us.

I’m in the process of creating a new website and your guide will be more than great help to help me set it up. Thank you Sergio!

Jesse Munguia


“Sergio not only explains what he’s doing on each task but more importantly, WHY he’s doing it.”

Barry WellsWhat I found inside Authority Blog Profits simply blew me away, because this isn’t “just” a WordPress course it’s a complete WordPress Training Program and I have to say it’s the most comprehensive and complete WordPress training I’ve come across in the five years I’ve been online.

The modules are laid out in a methodical way that leads from one to another so they not only make perfect sense but are also really easy to follow.

Each module starts with a check-list to download so we can tick off each task as we complete them and keep track of our progress. These are followed by the video tutorials, which allow us to watch over Sergio’s shoulder as he carries out each task and explains not only what he’s doing but more importantly WHY he’s doing it.

Each video is dedicated to just one task, so there’s no fear of being overwhelmed by the tutorials as we simply watch, pause and apply each lesson as Sergio teaches them. Beneath each video you’ll find links to the sites and resources mentioned in the videos, making it simple for everyone to complete each task one step at a time.

I’ve been using WordPress for 5 years now and was delighted to learn even more tips and tricks that I’ll be applying to my own blog.

Regardless of your experience with WordPress, if you’re not seeing the results you desire then I highly recommend that you jump on board Authority Blog Profits.

Sergio, congratulations on completing Authority Blog Profits, it’s a first class resource that I’ll be referring back to so as to improve my own blog. I’m extremely grateful to you for allowing me access, thanks mate.

Barry Wells

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  • Getting Started With ABP Report – Real Value $17
  • Quick Start Guide – Real Value $27
  • Marketing Tools Rolodex – Real Value $97
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In addition to the extensive video training, you’ll also receive these incredible bonuses:

  • Tracking your website analytics like a PRO
  • Learn more spam-prevention techniques
  • How to implement professional contact forms on your site
  • How to back up and restore your blog
  • Effortless password management to save time
  • Landing pages templates and how to easily modify them with basic HTML skills
  • Setting up basic membership sites
  • Get extra e-mail marketing strategies & list building tips

These bonuses alone total $119 in value

The value of Authority Blog Profits totals a whopping $835 in value.

That’s not even mentioning the bonuses worth $119.

In total the value you get with purchasing Authority Blog Profits checks in at a hefty $954.

But don’t worry that you’ll pay anywhere close to that.

So How Much Is This WordPress
Training Going To Cost?

Look, even though I know this product is amazing, I am not going to charge an arm and a leg for it even when my colleagues think I should do so.

The best way I know to sell a WordPress training such as this one, is from getting unbiased reviews from real people such as yourself so you’re not going to pay even half of $954 if you get in today.

In fact, you wont even pay half of that, $477.

I may have just lost my mind but I am not even going to charge you a quarter of the value of this package, which would be $238.

In an effort to gather more testimonials and case studies about how much my training helped other marketers struggling to learn WordPress before they found Authority Blog Profits, I’m going to offer the training at a special “prelaunch” price of…

Today Only $37

Yes, I know that is ridiculously low for all you will receive with ABP plus there’s my 30-days period to try out Authority Blog Profits and watch how it can take you from a rank beginner to a WordPress Ninja in such a short time.


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You can take my Authority Blog Profits training for a FULL TEST DRIVE for 30 days.

If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason whatsoever I’ll return every single cent of your investment no questions asked.

As you can see all the risk is on ME!


  • Getting Started With WordPress Report – Real Value $17
  • Quick Start Guide – Real Value $27
  • Marketing Tools Rolodex – Real Value $97
  • Actionable Checklists to Keep You Accountable $17
  • 100+ Over My Shoulder-Type Videos – Real Value $497
  • Private VIP Facebook Group – Real Value $197
  • My Own Personal Help Whenever You Need Me – $197
  • Lifetime Members’ Area Access – Real Value PRICELESS!

YES, I want in!

Please let me have a copy of the Authority Blog Profits course today for only $1049, $524, $262, $131, $65, $37.

I want to learn how to create my own marketing blog, start building a bigger audience, gain more authority in my niche, discover how to brand my business properly and ultimately skyrocket my sales!

Authority Blog Profits

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I believe you deserve an equal opportunity at the chance for financial freedom. The Authority Blog Profits course reveals all the strategies the PRO’s use to making an absolute fortune with simple websites. I leave no stone unturned and nothing to guesswork so grab your copy today and start making money now!

I’ll see you on the inside,

Sergio Felix

Sergio Felix



Sergio Felix – Authority Blog Profits Creator

P.S. You have nothing to lose. Authority Blog Profits is 100% guaranteed to work for you or I will buy it back. And best of all, you’ll see for yourself just how well this training really IS as soon as you start creating your first website!

If you think this training didn’t deliver what it promised just let me know within 30 days and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

There’s no easier or faster way to learn what really works so what’s holding you back?

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